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Tips can be paid per post, per comment, or per space. Not only can post authors get paid, but good comments can be rewarded as well.

Similar to tips on YouTube's Superchat – it is possible to use tips to highlight users’ comments. Highlighted comments stand out compared to free comments such that content creators will notice those comments first. If the creators have thousands of comments per post as we see with people like PewDiePie, highlighting will make a user’s comment stand out.

Tips will go straight to the account that you are tipping, and the tippee will receive the full value of the tip, as there are no middlemen to take a cut. Tips can be made with any token that exists on the Radiosocial chain, including social tokens, and tokens from other parachains.


One key feature that we haven’t seen with previous blockchain-powered blogging sites is the inclusion of subscriptions. This is a huge feature of monetizing content that we see on popular Web 2.0 platforms such as Patreon, RadioStack, and OnlyFans.

The appearance of subscriptions into the ecosystem of content creation has allowed people to start working independently and connect much closer with their fans. While YouTube adverts offered something of a proxy before these sites came along, these sites went further in allowing private content for different tiers of subscribers.

The biggest downside is that these platforms can block or remove content that they don’t like, plus the creators trust the platform owners with their private content. Removing points of trust is important for the blockchain ecosystem.

The technical part of adding subscriptions to the Radiosocial chain is easy; however, there is still some research to be done with how to handle hosting for private content in a decentralized way while preserving the privacy of creators.

Sell or Rent Your Content

Blockchain technology enables true ownership: you own your content, so you should be able to sell or re-sell content. This dynamic isn’t really possible with web 2.0: your content may include your name but it is typically not cryptographically signed nor stored on a public ledger. Ownership in web 2.0 is less clear and requires legal contracts for enforcement.

With Radiosocial it could be possible to sell content as NFTs as well as rent out your posts or spaces. You retain the ownership and receive some income, while the renter receives traffic from all the users who visit. Let’s provide an example:

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